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I started a Official Website!

Hey everyone!

Thank you always for your support.

My name is Chin Kou!

I've been active on Twitter since 2021, and I'm very grateful to have 100,000 people following me so far (as of September 2021), and I thought that I want to get closer to my fans, which is why I decided to start an official website.

Usually, I am active on twitter or in my videos, but there are a lot more things I can’t write about on Twitter or share my deep parts, which I would like my fans to know about. Which is what I want to do on this site. So, I would be happy if you continue to follow me.

… I'm not the kind of person who always speaks in such a serious manner, so I'll be writing in a more relaxed manner from here on out. 😊

Well, until now, people have only had the chance to see me in videos, so the fact that I'm talking to you through writing is a very new experience for me. But at the same time, I'm very excited about it.

Every day I get very nice comments from everybody saying “The last video was so erotic and sexy” or “I can’t wait for the next video”,

But in the end, it still feels kind of like a one-way communication between the people appearing in the videos and the people who watch them.

But actually, I really want to talk face to face with everyone supporting my activities, and I also get asked a lot by fans, if “there are any chnaces to actually meet Chin Kou in person, like a live broadcast?”

So I wanted to provide a place where people can


meet me face-to-face outside of the videos, which I hope this page will be.

I really can't thank you enough.
Really from the bottom of my heart thank you.

So, of course from now on, I'll be planning more and more sexually explicit videos and photos, as well as erotic fan exchange events.

At the same time, I'm also planning to share more of me and what I'd like to do in the future, and sometimes I'd like to show scenes and viewpoints that might not be related directly to something erotic or porn, but which can still bring excitement and inspiration to readers.

I don’t really see myself as a porn actor, to be honest. Of course, there are those who say, "No, you're an AV actor, you should just make pornographic videos," and I'm sure there are people who would feel uncomfortable if someone who is actually in the adult industry suddenly starts writing letters and expressing his opinions about the world.

But, if there are people who might be comfortable with the worldview I want to share, or if there are even a few people who are willing to lend me their support, then I would really like to continue in the future.

Well, all this rough explanation might not give you any actual idea of what I'm talking about, and it might seem very abstract, but from now on I will keep writing about this from various angles, so for now, it's fine to just ignore it. Sorry if it is difficult to understand. :D

Also, this is not really important, but this brief explanation reminded me of a comedy show called "Zakkuri" from a Japanese Comedy Duo (called Chocolate Planet.)

I wonder if any of you have seen it? Maybe not, it is only in Japanese, but I find it very funny!

Generally, I like comedy shows so I watch them often on YouTube.

…sorry for getting off topic, and let’s return to the main content, before I wander off too far.

To make it short, I will continue to do my best for everyone’s love, and if my existence can somehow contribute to everyone’s daily happiness, in addition to making everyone horny, then that would make me even happier.

Again, please forgive me for being so abstract with my words.

Finally, I'd like to finish this column with my introduction and leave it at this, but from next time onwards, I'd like to talk deeper about the person Chin Kou.


I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of miscellaneous stuff as well, so I'd be happy if you could come and check it out when you feel like it.

Well, that's it for this time!

Thank you always for supporting me!!!🥰

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