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Why is Chin Kou "Chin Kou"?

Hello! It's me Chin Kou!

So, I am working under the name Chin Kou as many of you know, but I often get questions like

"Did you choose the name yourself?"

"What is the origin of your name?"

"Doesn't Chin Kou mean penis in Japanese?"

Many fans are asking me simple out of curiosity or because they have some doubts,

And in fact, I also had a certain amount of passion and enthusiasm when coming up with this name, so today I'd like to talk about it.

Yes, well, first of all, the name Chin Kou is written as the "chinkou" in Japanese, which can mean penis, and while I am a little bit ashamed to admit that, I named it myself.

The fact that I'm already feeling embarrassed suggests that this name has an obscene meaning, which I'll explain in order.

First of all, when I decided to create porn, I inevitably had to come up with a stage name, or a handle for my activities.

And as the name implies, you can't just decide on the sound of something.

I wanted to make a name that would be loved by many people in the future, and above all, that I would always be attached to.

Between you and me, I wrote out all kinds of names in my notebook for three whole days once I started thinking about it.

As I pondered, "No not this, and not that.", I gradually came to realize that I had three conditions.

(1) I want to show that I am expanding worldwide, especially in Asia.

(2) And I wanted to put a part of myself in my name.

(3) But I also wanted to make sure that there is a joking nuance included.

I was on my third day of racking my brains trying to mix them together and come up with a name when it occurred to me.

(1) I borrowed the character "Chin" from a Chinese surname...

(2) And once I combined part of my real name "Kou" ...

(3) That...? That's it! It's Chin Kou!

I know, I look like an idiot writing it out now. But when I came up with this idea, I felt electric shocks running through my body.

Let me tell you the translation in a little more detail.

There are two ways to think about it: one is that a Japanese person just makes videos for a Japanese audience, and the other is that I have no idea if Japanese people would actually like to see these videos, so there is no guarantee, but maybe outside of Japan there are people who would feel aroused and like my contents away from Japan. These were the two options I could think of.

Then I quickly concluded that even if I failed, as a straight man who was originally allowed to enter the gay video industry on my own, there was no reason for me not to stay in Japan as a challenger and expand globally.

It's not a challenge to have a safe line in case a challenge fails.

Based on this slightly screwy idea, I decided to use Chinese characters.

And after all, in my mind, no matter how big I try to be or how cool I try to be, in the end, the image I see in the video is just me, the real me.

Even so, as a performer, I can't help but see a different side of myself through the screen.

In short, there is always a divergence in character between the normal, everyday me and the me who does videos, to a greater or lesser degree.

If I went too far, even if I thought I had created a work with a strong sense of "me," it would end up being a video of someone I played, and I wouldn't be able to respond to the feelings of my fans, who would want to watch the video because it has me in it.

I wanted to put part of my real name somewhere in my stage name so that the me in the video would not be too far removed from the real me, but it would still be tied together.

So I took all of these into consideration, and when I put various words together, I came up with "Chin" and "Kou".

I chose the kanji character for "light" (Chin) to express my wish to be a shining presence in Asia.

Thus, Chin Kou was born.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but even though it was simple, the concept was reflected without any extras or deficiencies, and more than anything, it filled me with a mysterious self-satisfaction for being a "Chin Kou," and I was immersed in my own pleasure.

Yes, I've just realized that even if I revealed all the details in the end, I might just be a dump guy.

But it's okay. I believe that life is all about having fun and not taking it too seriously.

I would rather say that my insanity-like originality is what makes me special, and if it can create something that has never been seen before and move the hearts of the people who see it, I will continue to cherish my warm side.

In all seriousness, I'm determined to keep that perspective in mind when making erotic documentaries in the future, and to create video works that will make even me more and more excited as I shoot them, so I'd be very happy if you could support me in that, too!

Yes, so this was all about the origin of Chin Kou's name!

If you have any comments on the column, or any suggestions or requests to Chin Kou, please feel free to contact me through the Contact page.

Thank you again for reading this article.

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