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What is Chin Kou Funding!?

Hey everyone!

Today too I woke up to the pressure of my morning erection.

Some of you may be saying, "You're so young to wake up with a morning erection." But for me this is something happening especially lately and before I used to have an 8 minute erection in the morning.

So I never woke up with a hard-on, but one day I started taking a zinc supplement, and that's when my penis became my daily alarm clock.

I've been taking several different zinc supplements, but I'd have to say that Now Foods' zinc is the one I recommend.
The amount in this product is much higher than that of domestic products, and the power of this product is so great that if you take it before going to bed, you can clearly feel the chakra in your lower body the next morning.

So I'm going to leave the beginning of my morning erection here and get right to the point.

In just two days since the opening of Chin Kou Funding, we have received over 500,000 yen in support.

I am so grateful. I am truly grateful. Thank you to those who supported us so quickly.

But I also thought I heard some people say, "Well, what is Chin Kou funding anyway?", and so let me try to explain it a bit more.

"This is a crowdfunding project where fans can support and directly interact with me and help me achieve my dreams if they want."

This is what we call Chin Kou Funding for short.


For those who support the event, there will be "returns" depending on the amount of support, and the type and amount of these returns will be decided by my staff. Some of you have already signed up for a 6-hour free date, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person!

We've also received inquiries for portrait shoots and ZOOM dates from overseas fans, and it looks like the remaining slots will be filled in no time.

If you're interested in meeting me, then this is your chance, and please take this opportunity to apply!

Well then, read you next time!

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